Nine Men Busted In Franconia DarkWeb Sourced Drug-Dealing Ring

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According to German law enforcement authorities, nine men were busted in Forcheim, Bamberg and Herzogenaurach, who are accused of dealing drugs, which they ordered from the dark web. The criminal investigation department of the Bamberg Prosecutor’s Office tracked the nine drug dealers in collaboration with the local police from North Rhine-Westphalia. Currently, five of the nine suspects have been already sentenced by court and are in jail.

The investigation against the criminal group began in spring, 2015 after police busted a 20-year-old member of the drug-dealing ring in Forcheim. Later on, the law enforcement authorities have caught all criminals involved in the “business”. According to official documents, the nine men were using the social media to communicate, that could be the primary reason why the police has found them so easily (bad operation security). Police said the group used several packing stations around the region for drug delivery. They also stated that the criminals ordered marijuana by kilos.

After the law enforcement authorities intercepted several packages of the group, they proceeded with the raid of the suspects’ apartments where the police found 4000 LSD blotters, one-one kilogram marijuana and speed paste, as well as 135 grams of hash. This has been the largest bust of LSD in the Bayern area. According to the police, this amount of drugs is around 70 shipments. They also predict that the dealers sold 35 kilograms of marijuana to buyers.

The four suspects (since the other five have been already sentenced) are facing quite sensitive charges, which could result in long times of imprisonment.

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