Pharmacy Student Arrested In Vienna For Selling Narcotics on the Dark Web

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A 19-year-old German was arrested in Vienna for selling narcotics on the dark web. Police information says the pharmacy student was a dark net vendor who sold LSD, magic mushrooms, cannabis seeds, codeine and other prescription drugs originating from Germany, Spain, and Russia to his customers.

Austrian law enforcement authorities arrested the student on November 8. Officials say he operated by the “Hedon” pseudo name on dark net markets. The vendor was in business from April 2015 and made about 1,800 sales. Investigators claim that he completed almost all orders. During the home search, police seized two travel bags and two bags full of narcotics. The 19-year-old is currently held in detention.

Earlier this month, another dark net vendor was arrested in Steyr, Austria. A narcotics task force was watching him from Spring 2016. The seller was not even suspected of distributing drugs on the dark web, however, he attracted police attention after one of his drug mules was intercepted at the Austrian-German border with a narcotics package. The vendor purchased wholesale quantities from illegal substances, which were mailed to him or delivered in person. He sold the drugs he bought on dark web markets. When law enforcement authorities opened the arrested driver’s package at the border, they found a significant quantity of narcotics pointing that the recipient was a drug dealer.

However, the seized package was not enough for police to raid the 45-year-old’s apartment so they had to work harder to gather more evidence. Authorities flagged the man’s address and seized several parcels coming mostly from the Netherlands and Germany. All packages contained wholesale amounts of drugs. Since law enforcement authorities wanted a full case against the suspect, they did not intercept all parcels, just some. Seizing all packages coming to the vendor would raise suspicion in him, which could make the case even longer for authorities.

After a while, police intercepted a package, which revealed both the seller’s and the 45-year-old’s dark net usernames. Law enforcement authorities checked the Steyr man’s account on the dark web, which showed that he was vending on several marketplaces. His main products included amphetamines, ecstasy, mushrooms and crystal meth.

Austrian police not only intercepted the incoming packages of the vendor, but they seized some of the mail that was sent out to the 45-year-old’s customers. A parcel provided information to police about the seller’s “style and stealth”. When authorities gathered enough evidence, they conducted a raid on the man’s apartment where they found convincing evidence. Police seized several computers and handwritten data on the vendor’s customers and sales. A forensic examination of the computer data showed that the vendor had more than 350 customers and recorded a total of 400+ sales.

“Seventy to eighty percent of the buyers are domestic,” said one of the investigators. The suspect made “several thousand euros per month,” another investigator wrote.

The suspect is currently held in detention in Garsten. According to a source, he could face a 15-year prison sentence if convicted.

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