Bitmain Leads Circle’s $110 Million Round; Teams Up to Create Stable Coin

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Bitmain, the biggest of the Bitcoin mining operations, is putting its muscle behind cellular obligations and cryptocurrency trading company Circle by leading a $110 million Series E round of financing, the firms announced on Tuesday, March 15, 2018, in Consensus in New York. Several other venture capital companies, including Breyer Capital, General Catalyst and Accel, joined the round, which now pushes the value of Boston based Circle to $3 billion, by a reported $480 million in 2016, based on a statement by Circle. Bitmain can also be joining forces with Circle to make a so called stablecoin, a cryptocurrency that’s pegged to a stable asset.

The target is to eventually have plenty of secure tokens, all backed by distinct fiat monies, but the first would be Circle USD Coin, a coin supported one-to one by the U.S. Dollar with the fiat to be stored in an auditable banking accounts and redeemable by verified buyers. The tokens would be based on Ethereum’s ERC20 conventional and developed and regulated by CENTRE, a foundation which will manage an assortment of fresh, fiat backed tokens. CENTER is a wholly owned subsidiary of Circle, but Circle Chief executive officer Jeremy Allaire reported the base become more independent, since other members joined.

Alongside Circle and Bitmain, other CENTER members would be capable of producing their very own fiat based stablecoins and aid establish rules around how a coins will function. In accordance with the CENTRE’s whitepaper, governance of the network will include a type of voting which will leverage a forthcoming CENTRE specific token that’s distinct from fiat tokens. The way the Circle sees it, a cost stable token is essential for empowering mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies for obligations and encouraging financial contracts built on clever contract platforms, like those for controlling token loans and land. Circle’s new stable token joins a growing list of stable tokens intended to facilitate volatility of cryptocurrencies, like bitcoin, which may differ tremendously in value over a few hours.

Tether, introduced in 2015, is the largest of the stablecoins, with about $2.2 billion in circulating supply. Circle made news earlier this season when it purchased cryptocurrency market Poloniex. Circle plans to provide USDC through Poloniex. It is going to also include USDC in its social obligations program and over the counter trading desk.

ERC20 standard
CENTRE’s whitepaper
introduced in 2015
$2.2 billion in circulating supply
when it purchased

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